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Workforce – The Pilot

Mired in losses dating back several years, and desperate to turn things around, owners of Protocol Industries hire Anthony Scolari to rescue the company. Experienced and anecdotally funny, but wrestling with his own myriad demons, Scolari learns early, NOTHING will be easy in his latest professional setting. Conflict is everywhere, inside the organization and out. …

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Judas by the Sea

The missing of Tongtong, Jiang Feng and Lin Xin’ daughter, upends their life completely. Lin Xin resents Jiang Feng failing to protect their daughter. And all these attribute to Jiang Feng’s suspicion of Tongtong’s origin. In order to find their daughter, Jiang Feng begin to wander about all corners of the country, working himself to …

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The Kaiserhof Hotel

Beautiful undercover half-Jewish socialite Barbara Goette hatches a scheme to assassinate Adolf Hitler after witnessing Nazi brutality over many years and the murderous Gestapo gives chase. Written byLudwig Leidig, Brett Williams, Yuri Joakimidis Australia


Life in the United States of America it shows the reality. Different cities , the way of life how people live in poverty, different things to experience such as sightseeing ,different cultures , restaurants and Hollywood fame. Directed byCetin Daglar Sezerel Produced by Tonquekeia Lafleur-Major Country of OriginUnited States