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A creepy Door Salesman who takes pride in his work goes to great heights (literally) to get the sale. A couple gets caught off guard and the situation gets intense. He doesn’t take no for an answer and worst of all he’s “certified”. Directed by Ross Henson (UK)


In an attempt to preserve her legacy, a cartoon classic wages war on her rebooted counterpart. Directed by Courtney LeBlanc and Saige Guevara (USA)

Rude Buay

A Jamaican-born, Drug Enforcement Agent, Rude Buay is forced to return home to save his country from the tyranny of the Dragon Drug Cartel. Three Femme Fatales leave Bogota for Jamaica to resurrect a failed drug deal. However, they became MIA. The trade must go on… Three deadlier Femme Fatales replace them…within the Cartel. Directed …

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